Like a peacock hatching from a gardener’s shoe, griff takes listeners by surprise. Matching homemade drum breaks with deformed, liquid bass and smooth Rhodes piano, he has a reputation for music that turns party-goers into shimmering, white-hot beams of pure light, streaming up into the sky. With remixes for the likes of Opiuo, Grouch and Quanta, and six solo releases to his name, griff’s second LP "Unstuck in Time" is his best yet.  His blend of live instrumentation and modern bass music has never sounded more accomplished, or quite as intoxicating. Whether DJing other musicians' material or playing all original sets, griff evokes a constantly fluctuating landscape of sound that hints at mysteries beyond our world, but always driven on by irrepressibly satisfying bass and breakbeats. Following on from performances at events like Shambhala, Rainbow Serpent, Let Them Eat Cake and Burning Man, griff continues to open up audiences to the pleasure of this surprising brand of music.