Easyjack is the musical platform and alias of Jack Whelan. Based out of Chicago, Illinois, Whelan is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and live engineer who’s talents meet at the nexus of electronic music. Pushing the boundaries of rhythm and tempo, Easyjack live performances bring together a multitude of dynamics and motifs in an emotional and frenetic experience. Coming into adulthood in Chicago’s underground music scene, Whelan’s personal musicality is deeply influenced by soulful house and rugged hip-hop alike, unifying his sonic hemisphere rhythmic fundamentals. The Easyjack catalog ranges from break-beat anthems to glitched-out, swampy breakdowns. As the co-owner and lead engineer of Sound System Cultures, Whelan is also uniquely influenced by his experience operating high-fidelity sound systems. Translating that love of fidelity into his own musical productions, Easyjack has become synonymous with clarity and cohesion. Easyjack has shared the stage with Tipper, Telefon Tel Aviv, Griff, K.L.O, and a wide swath of other producers and DJ’s from across the planet. His performances have been featured at Thaliah Hall, The Exchange, The Freakeasy, Astral Lights, Lucidity, and countless other venues and festivals throughout the North American landscape. Whelan’s succinct professionalism coupled with his bounty of production and engineering knowledge make him the stalwart artist he has come to be, giving him the ability to command ears, bodies, and minds when and where he chooses to be heard.