2 Nutz
2NUTZ is a collaboration of lazer technicians kLL sMTH and Atomic Reactor. Their mission is to take the sound of the future to a whole new level.  2NUTZ will launch you to a new planet who’s inhabitants live in a spacious atmospheric environment and survive solely on low end frequencies and roaring synth lines.  Not only do these two display amazing talent and dedication as a duo, they also excel in their trade individually.  Together, and through their solo projects, they have taken the bass music world by storm with releases on Addictech, Simplify, Adapted, Muti Music, Street Ritual, Gruntworthy, and Prime Dub.  2NUTZ have shared the stage with artists such as Love & Light, Andreillian, Emancipator, Kaminanda, Elliot Lipp, Minnesota, Nit Grit, Polish Ambassador, Stephan Jacobs, Zion-I and any more at events like Envision, Emissions, Lunacy, Lucidity, Sonic Bloom, Burning Man, Firefly Gathering, and 5 Points Gathering.  2014 will be a big year for these two as they continue to shock the scene.